Nail Art

My other obsession is Nail Art.  I have the Gellish system.  Gel nails last soooo much longer than regular nail polish. Just don't pick at the gel or you will destroy your nail beds. It needs to be patiently soaked off! 

Here are a few pics:

 I love the  purple swirls :)

The blue was actually mermaid inspired using glitter and Konad stamp for fish scale look.

Im a sucker for leopard spots and glitter.

 Winter Holiday Nails

Camo Nails

This is my nail wheel. I have tried a whole bunch of different things on here :)

 Accent Nail

Camo in golds and rusty rose colors. This is a combo of gel polish, foils, crystal gems  and hand painting.

This is an ombre matte with polka dot shiny top coat, it reminds me of rain drops :)