Northern Ontario's Winter Freeze

I though I would share a couple of pictures with everyone of my parents yard.

They were visiting me in South Orange County California and enjoyed our mild winter weather of 70s.

This year back home in the town of my youth they have been having a very harsh season -30's and -40's all winter long.  Now at the end of March they are still -20's, and there is still ice building on the lakes which have about a 4 foot base!

The temperatures in Sudbury and Espanola area, in Ontario, Canada  have been 20 degrees cooler than the average  temperatures  for this time of year.


Notice the snow reaches almost the top of the barbecue that is about 4 feet of snow on their deck!

I visit my family in the summer usually and I told my mom I will probably come visit in August when they finally get rid of the snow! lol Just teasing all my Northern friends and family. xoxo

I actually miss the snow and would love to go out in this with my kids and relive my winter youth activities.

You have to make snow angels, have snow ball fights, build a snow fort, make a snow man of course, go sliding, skiing, horse shoeing, ski-doing AKA snowmobiling, catch snowflakes on your tongue, and have bonfires.  I even miss the sound of the crunch of the snow beneath your boots and the swish of your winter gear as you walk through this winter wonderland. Ok that's it!! I may have to go visit before the snow leaves so I can go play in this beautiful winter blanket!!

Cheerio to you all! Have a great Sunday and stay warm.  ;)