Not Living Up to My Reputation

Today's Zero to Hero Challenge was discussing daily prompts. These are useful when you have writer's block. Today's question you have a reputation? Every one has a reputation for something. BUT to pick just one thing and describe someone using one certain character....well that is hard to do.

Most of my friends and family have seen my crafty and culinary obsessions bloom and remain a big part of who I am so I have been called  Martha Stewart, time and time again. I have a funny story to share with you ...and trust me I don't live up to the Martha Stewart  standard.

This is a snippet from an email I sent to Jen my best friend and blog partner in crime:

Ok I will try to get out the door around 530 but if I don't make it I will have to just chug something out by myself later. I told Peter how weird it was working out with you and you taking the bull by its horns and spewing out all this fitness jargon that I have no clue about (and I'm suppose to be a nurse ....what the heck muscle is that and what the Harry does aerobic vs anaerobic mean again). No worries boss I'll set my alarm and sorry to vent all my crabby-ness on you it's almost 7 and kids are still at my house!!  I'm having another salty pear!! Oh ya I should win the Darwin of the year award! I was almost in tears 20 min ago because I went outside to retrieve succulent chicken and instead I opened the lid to a dead fire and half cooked poultry MF'er so I had a bit of a melt down and asked my other boss to fix the fuc'n thing! Turns out a wood fire needs wood or no bueno!! I ran out of the wood pellets and that's why it wasn't hot!! Long story short I had to finish it off quickly or not so quickly in the oven and it produced major smoke in the house. I  had to open up all the windows and doors, while tears were rolling down my eyes from the stinging fumes!!! Wow what a culinary adventure! Not going on the blog!! Amateurs-Ville is me! 3 hour chicken=smokey rooms "r" us Xoxo Nicole See ya at the crack of dawn beautiful