O' Tannenbaum Handprint Art

"...how lovely are thy branches"

I thought it would be fun to make Daddy a Christmas present on the cheap  from the heart;  a Christmas tree comprised of our 4 year old's tiny handprints and thumbprints.  By no means a strikingly original idea, but every Christmas I try to make my husband a small gift that has Abby's handprints on it.  Good thing her hands won't be cute and little forever, as I'm running out of ideas.

Here's what we did:

At our local Walmart we found a pack of three poster-board sized sheets of paper with a subtle grid on them.  Their claim was right;  you could use the grid for precision purposes but from a distance, you can't see the grid at all.  Magic!

I cut the sheet down to 11" x 17" simply because I thought that would be a good size for our tree, which was to have 4 handprints at its base and a star at the top.  The glass picture frame we found (also at Wal-Mart) was $4. ish and the grid card-stock was $3. ish.

We dragged out all the finger paints (Crayola, washable) and got down to brass tacks:  10 handprints total and a boatload of thumbprint ornaments, a star I cut out from scrapbooking card-stock, numerals for 2013 (made from a scrapbooking Cricut machine but could've easily been done by printing out and then cutting numbers from a simple word document), and some script with a fine point Sharpie.

I tossed around "O' Christmas Tree" or even "O' Tannenbaum" for the script.  Finally I chose a line from the song instead, "how lovely are thy branches," since the branches are in fact Abby's hands...and what parent doesn't think their kid's hands are awesome and lovely, after all?

So about $8. and 2 painty palms later, we have a special present for Daddy...who are we kidding, mostly for Mommy!  Ho, Ho, Ho!

Frosty keeps the new Christmas tree art work company in the front hallway.