One Multi Media Wall Hanging

One down 2 more to go!

I took some pics of the process to show you. I will do things in different order next time around. This was so fun to embellish! I hope you try one too.

First I took a heavy spray starch to give my panel more stability.

Then I centered it on my canvas and attached it using spray adhesive and also stapled it all around for good measure. I added extra strips of material and ribbon to cover the rest of the canvas. I thought it looked neat to use both sides of the ribbon so I have one strip more matte and one satiny.

Next I glued the fun feathers over the feathered scarf and added my crystals.

I then painstakingly sewed my pearls over the pearl border. I added some tulle to the lace part of the dress and adorned them in silvery  crystals.

I also sewed the satin ribbon to the waist band to add more punch of color and hide my gathers from the tulle. I took a matte sealer and glued strips of fabric to the sides of my canvas so all surfaces are covered. It is so hard to take pictures to show how pretty this actually turned out because the crystals really sparkle but not so much in these photos. The last thing I did was take fabric paint and highlighted some of the background scroll work and added sparkle to the upper part of the dress with some fabric paint.