Orange Marmalade

I had 9 oranges that were sitting around and over the weekend I thought why not marmalade.

So simple but a bit time-consuming as I canned them as well.  I like my jam a bit on the runnier side like a sauce I can use on toast or dollop on ice-cream or make sticky buns out of....endless possibilities! Sliced oranges and sugar-water AKA simple syrup is all that is in this preserve.

Huge pot= crap load of orange marmalade.

up close peak at the very brilliant orange, oranges :)

The hardest part is the waiting for it to boil down....then waiting for the jars to sterilize....then waiting while you boil the jars. I love that "pop" sound you hear at the end when you take them out of the boiling water, it's the snap of finality.

Best pay off is the next morning at breakfast.

Here is one last pic of this yummy gooeyness :)

[recipe title="Marmalade" servings="12" time="4 hours" difficulty="medium"]

Marmalade Recipe


  • 6 oranges sliced very thin peel included.
  • 8 cups of water
  • 7 cups of sugar


Add all ingredients together and heat till the sugar dissolves. Let sit overnight. The next day, bring the mixture to a boil for 2 hours. It will start to turn more amber and thicken.  When it starts to read 220 degrees on a candy thermometer then you are ready to jar them up.

TIP: To check the consistency before you jar it you can drop a bit of the marmalade on a plate and chill it for 15 min or so, then tilt your plate and check the consistency of it. If it is still too runny for you then boil it away a bit more. 

Pour the marmalade in piping hot jars, lids should be hot as well. Place your jars in boiling water for 10 minutes to preserve them. You will hear an audible "pop" noise once taken out of the water and allowed to rest on counter till it comes to room temperature.  Do not tilt jars while they are sealing.