Pants Progress

Here are a few pics of me wearing the Vogue 1050.  I finished the waistband and invisible zip. It was a bitch to put in the zipper. I don't know why but invisible zips and me don't get along.

I just have to hem them.(hence the drag lines in the back....once hemmed they will look so much better)  Lucky for me, my parents are visiting soon and I will get my mom to help me with marking the hem.

Now I still need to close the sides with some frog closures there is way too much of the panel showing but they are very comfortable to wear.

I must admit I am good at starting projects but procrastinate at the parts I hate ....(invisible zippers and waistbands).  I will look for some pretty closures for these pants for the side pleat, add my hem and voila! So close to being done!!

Happy New Years!!