Pasta Maker In My Kitchen!

Ok I have an attachment for my kitchen aid that does different shapes of pasta but since you through the dough balls down the "hopper" and it gets squeezed out these tiny holes the pasta clumps together no matter what consistency your dough is. If anyone else has this attachment and has had success please tell me your secrets!!!!

Here I am trying to pull apart the strands of noodles!! Not fun!

So all in all I would not suggest ever getting this attachment. Instead I ordered a pasta maker old school style :) with hand crank.

Ta da!!!


And Ta da!!

And that is right you guessed it TA DA!!


Ok here is my beautiful unclumped pasta that I am drying out over my clean chair because I don't have a pasta drying rack ;)

One more time shall we :) I also made homemade Cheese Ravioli  TA DA!!