Peacock Shawl

5 Years in the Making

I have finally finished my fine lace shawl!! I didn't run out of the yarn after all!

I put this project on the back burner forever because I thought I would run out of this beautiful hand dyed lace weight 100% pure silk yarn.  I decided to keep going across the 400 and something stitches that took me 45 min to make 1 row and kept chipping away at it.

I must say I did cut the pattern 2 rows short because I would have run out of yarn for the beautiful crochet edge.

After 100's of hours and 100's of thousands of stitches I'm done!!!!!

I blocked this shawl on my rug with 200 pins and misted it with water and a touch of starch. I covered this with layers of fabric ......because I have a cat with claws (eeeeekkkk)

It dried nicely and the drape is beautiful the lace opened up nicely to show off the peacock pattern. I just need to find something to wear this with :)