Project Pillowcases

Take a peek at the side bar on the right and you'll see the Million Pillowcase Challenge.  I've been meaning to whip up some pillowcases for this awesome cause and finally got around to it.  Three cheers for the flannel I had an abundance of.  :)   (I thought I was going to make every family member on my Christmas list flannel jammy pants, then ran out of time--and enthusiasm).

Here are the four I have so far and I hope to make a handful or so more before dropping them off at one of their local sites.  I used their free tutorial for a "burrito style" method  which I had never seen before;  Holy Guacamole, it quickly and beautifully eliminates all raw edges on the cuff with not a stitch showing.  Presto!  (They also have a video clip you can watch on making this magic cuff which I admit I had to watch after unsuccessfully reading the written tutorial.  Three times).

If you have an overload of fabric, are a beginner sewist, or simply want to give a gift that will truly touch someone's life, make some pillowcases and let's help get the donation number up to a million!