Rag Quilt

Aug 5th 2013 Jen Wrote:

Here are the baby quilts!  By NOOOOOO means without flaws, but I sure had fun with them, thanks to you.  :)  I've tried so hard to get the fuzzy, pilly bits off with a lint roller but it's like throwing rocks into the Grand Canyon, futile at best.  Any tricks on what to do?

Still waiting on my material for the baby burp cloths to come...will I need a different foot plate thingy to go through the chenille and minky fabric?  I read on some blog that without a walking foot, the material would pull and get wonky.

Are you and Peter having a great time?  Are you still coming back, I hope?!  You are missed!

 Nicole Responded:
Beautiful well done!! I love them.  I'm on my way home now I'll be home soon and can't wait to see you I bought you something. Yes unfortunately "the brushing of the quilt" after you pull it out of the dryer is my least favorite part. I as well use a lint brush and it takes some time. I then try to finish off with an electric lint shaver on all the squares to get rid of any piling. Ps I have a walking foot for you to use on your nappy fabric.
Jen Responded:
I'm so glad you're on your way back!  I hope you had a blast, but next time smuggle me in your trunk.  Not only is nobody a craft diva like you, but with your humor and personality, to boot, your absence is sorely noticed 'round here when you're gone.   Don't let it happen again.  (but of course refer back to the first line--if I'm smuggled in your trunk, it's ok). Side note:  Abby and I saw your new car driving around SC last weekend, but with a black top.  Abby said, that's Imposter Miss Nicole, see, Mommy?  The top is a tan brown.  Then later that weekend we saw your exact car and when we drove past it Abby got so excited to wave, saw the OLD, shrivelled woman at the wheel and said, "that's NOT Miss Nicole driving Miss Nicole's car!"
Please refer to the rag diagonal quilt as you go for a variation of the popular rag quilts. You can find this post in sewing tutorials!! :)
Here is a picture of the diagonal quilt.