Ribbon Rings


I was trying to think of an inexpensive and quick prop to use while teaching Tiny Tots Dance Class for 2-3 year olds.  The dance studio didn't have much in the way of props, so I made about 30 ribbon rings.  Each kiddo got two (one for each hand), and they were a big hit.

If you work, live or come into contact with the younger set, try these simple-to-make rings;  they'll love the rise and fall of the ribbons, the visual stimuli of the colors, and will dance with abandon.  A favorite exercise was when we pretended to be big birds (eating up as much space as possible), fairies, bumble bees, and airplanes.


  • Package of plastic shower curtain rings (Each package will have 12 rings.  I got 3 packages from the local dollar store).
  • Satin (or grosgrain) ribbon  (I used mostly satin for the way it moved).  You'll need almost 4 feet of ribbon to wrap it around the ring and have 2 strands.  To tie on extra strands, you'll need about 32 inches to make 2 strands.

Simply leave a long tail (about 16 inches long, or to your liking) and start to wrap the other end of the ribbon around the ring.  When you meet up with the other end (in other words, there's no more of the plastic ring showing), double knot your ribbons together.

Now add one or two more 32" length ribbons to make your ribbon ring fuller.  Double knot them onto the ring, right where the first ribbons meet.

When you have the desired fullness of your ribbon tails, trim if necessary and heat seal the ends so they don't fray.  (To heat seal the ends, run a lighter close to--but not against--the ribbon ends.  You'll find they become a little hard to the touch and slightly glossy).

Make as many as you like and use them yourself, too...it's incredibly freeing!

Here's my daughter test driving a couple of ribbon rings.