Riddle me this: When is a Men's Shirt NOT a Men's Shirt?

Please choose from the following:

  1. When it's a zippered pouch
  2. When it's a bean bag
  3. When it's the main piece of a girl's pillowcase dress
  4. All of the above

Yes, you guessed it;  all of the above!

I suppose it's true that everything old is new again.  I find immense pleasure in taking a discarded  item and giving it renewed life.  Up-cycle, re-purpose, re-invent...call it what you will, it all means the same thing--I can get rid of something I'm not using and not feel bad about it.

This work shirt of my husband's never saw much outside of the closet walls until this past fall.  First I used it to make a cute zippered pouch...(Well, I did but the picture you'll see is of a gift card holder.  I used the cuff and it took all of 2 minutes to make).

Then I made the bean bags for teaching Tiny Tots dance classes...

And now I'm using the rest of the button down front of the shirt for a dress destined for Little Dresses For Africa....

I haven't added the bias tape yet  for the arm holes/ straps, but I'll do that soon.  For the bottom, I used leftover scraps from the duvet cover I used for a Valentine's Day wreath.

I love using this stuff up.  I still have much of the back of this shirt (seeing as my husband is not a tiny man), and tons of the duvet cover left.  I'll use that for more pillowcase dresses for Little Dresses For Africa, but send along any other ideas you may have for these discarded yet full-of-potential fabrics!