Romanticizing the Island

Writing 101: Day 2

Challenge: If you could travel at light speed and be wherever you wanted to, where would you go?

Manitoulin Island is the largest fresh water island in the world. Manidoowaaling is the original name for the island -- it means "cave of the spirit".  There are many caves on the island, and the large underwater cave near the town of Manitowaning is where her name derives. This 1,000 square miles of loveliness is known as "spirit island" today, and she does have a beautiful soul and raw beauty that seems untouched and vintage as time itself.

Manitoulin Island sits on Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. The Island has many lakes of her own, some of which have islands of their own! Our summer camp was on Lake Mindemoya and we had a beautiful view of treasure island which sat in the middle of the lake.

If I can travel at light speed I think I would like to be here on the "spirit island",  just as I was as a child camping at Stanley Park. I would walk down to the rugged shore bank and sit under my beautiful oak tree. Located at the far end of the park, it was more private. The terrain was a dead-end butting up to the thick boreal forest; and beyond that, if you hike these woods, you will come upon meadows, alvars and escarpments with breathtaking views. The road down this dirt path is lined with campsites; and the sounds, smells and sights of other campers going about their twilight rituals.

My favorite time of day was always near dusk. The smell of campfires, the sound of soft hissing and crackling, and the aura of the glow from the fire pits was soothing to the soul. A whole spectrum combined to satisfy one's senses!  This was my special place to watch and sketch the sunset over the lake. My grand old faithful oak with her limbs stretched tall and wide was heavy laden with foliage in the summer that made the sweetest rustling sounds when a gentle breeze came through. The water lapping over the rocks was a constant to rely on, edifying the soul.  I always loved the whole process of the sun setting; how the light reflects on the water like thousands of twinkling diamonds is a glory for the eyes. The ambiance and mood of the day turns quiet, shadowy, and breathy; and blues are chased away by a palette of orange, pinks and violets.

Isn't that worth romanticizing?