Sam's Mickey Mouse Faux Pas

I was very disappointed that I messed up this t-shirt but I am sharing my failures as well as my successes! :(  Good news is that my daughter will be able to fit in this.

Not sure if it is the difference in knits for the main body of this t-shirt or me dickering around with the pattern without making a muslin to check for fit, I was in haste to get it done quickly. My bad! But you will notice in the pick the diagonal lines pulling in the arms pits....thats bad it is too tight.

Also I discovered once I sewed up the side seams and turned my t-shirt right side out again that I cut the sleeves on the wrong grain!! Ahhhhh lol

Oh well I had a good laugh and so will you! Check it out :P

Oh ya,  I was running out of knits and made it in a variety of colors as well. I like it though it pulls in the color of Mickey Mouse himself.

Thank goodness this is not a total scrapper it does fit Abby.