Sandpaper, Jeans and Pocket Flaps

Ok So I went through the designs I had on my Embroidery/Sewing Machine and Choose a cute symmetrical curvy design, I had to shrink this original design by quite a bit to fit on a pocket flap.  I was worried about the thread density which I couldn't change(rats!)

So I just did part of the design, there were actually more colors and small petal like blobs that accented the curly cues.  I left them out worried it would be too much thread in a tight spot since I decreased the size of the pattern.

I started out by using 220 grit sandpaper with a sander block and distress the area where the design is going to go.  I then ironed on tear away fusible interfacing and hooped the fabric.

I am hoping I can get both Flaps done in the same hoop.

And Ta Da!! I like how the embroidery turned out I think I may add Swarovski crystals where the blobs were suppose to be in the design.  Also I am dying to try the full size of this pattern with the full embroidery.

So leave a comment below and I will put your name in for a draw to receive the patch I make. You can use it for a fun purse, quilt, pillow etc.

Here is a couple more pics.

Ok so onto designing my patch pocket. I took the pocket pattern and played around with some designs. I came up with this:

Which will just fit this design phew! You can sort of see through my pattern paper:

I'm not sure how much of my pockets I will get done this weekend but if I get the topstitching done I will send off another quick post.

Don't forget to reply for the draw to win an embroidered jean patch and have a great weekend everyone.