Seam allowances and sewing machines

July 17th, 2013
Jen Wrote:
Good morning, Nicole!
First off, you and the crew are missed...Next, Abby and I hope you're all having a ball with your family.  :)  How's that tree house coming along?  Is it just awesome to be able to spend time with your parents? Not much new stuff to report here...Cubby's swim classes are going pretty well--better than my sewing!  I've had some fights with my machine and will tell you about those mishaps in person rather than bore you with that in an email. I started to do the reversible placemats that I hope to have done soon for my Mom's and mother-in-law's birthday Mom gets a small table runner (more like a centerpiece--the specs look like it's not going to be much larger than a placement but that means I may be able to squeak out more placemats). Thought about napkins to go with them, but my fabric isn't printed on both sides, so is that too thick to sew 2 pieces together???  I have so many questions for my sewing goddess.  :)  I'll send pics of all the flannel for the baby quilts and the 3 fabrics for the placemats/ table runner/ napkins on my phone after I send this. Your company is missed!  Have a great rest of your trip! Love, Jen p.s.  I'm shitting my pants over this Saturday's craft fair...I'll take pics of my set up.
July 18th, 2013
Nicole Responded:
Hey Jen My trip is awesome and my back has been good! I can't wait to see everyone again! Also very excited to see how your fair goes!!! I like the cute coasters you made very nice job!! I get back the 23rd in the evening. Ttyl Love Nicole
Jen Responded:
I'm so glad!!  Have fun and keep that back feeling good! I'm itching to continue with the quilt (all the squares have their sewn X's on them), but I forgot how to do a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the sewing machine--how is it that I can't figure that out?!  I see the 1/4" notch to follow but not a half inch... Do I just keep the end of the flannel along the right outer edge of the needle plate/ foot plate/ whatever that do-hicky is called???  What a novice!
Nicole Responded:
Your manual will tell you what needle position you have to be in, if you have the fabric even with the edge of your foot I think it has to be to the far left :) (7) Happy sewing

Also I have a trick I use to help me follow a certain seam allowance. Take a sticky note and attach it to the correct marking for the seam allowance you desire.  You then have a great well marked edge to follow :)

July 24th, 2013
Jen Wrote:
Hi, Nicole! I think you guys fly back today?  Or maybe yesterday?  Hope that all the travel goes well and can't wait to see you all soon!!
July 25th, 2013 
Nicole Responded:
Hey Jen Yes I'm back got in Tuesday night. I felt a bit under the weather today, the kids are still in Canada they come home with my parents on August 7th. How did your craft fair go? Did you so anything else? Hope you're enjoying your machine! Can't wait to see you again.  Hope all is well Love Nicole
July 27th, 2013
Jen Wrote:
hold the phone....the kidlets don't come back for another week plus????  That means Ingmar could watch Abby during a weekend time sometime soon and you and I could: sew  a little sew a lot sew not at all drink a scooby snack drinks a couple scoobys drink not at all... get where I'm going.  It would be great to have a little time together without worrying about atrocities are happening, kid-wise! Off to Sea World, but more soon...I hope you're feeling better and YOU'VE BEEN MISSED!  Can't wait to see you!
Nicole Responded:
Ya absolutely I'll be around tomorrow my beer fridge is full I got Scooby snacks and I got a boat load of fabric! Lol call me later tonight on the phone my home number is *** **** my cell phone reception sucks!
Miss ya can't wait to see ya!
Jen Responded:


Jen Wrote:

Hello, Sewing Goddess,

I can't wait to hear all about your trip...and see all your new fabric!  I have to bring over the squares I have for a baby shower gift....I have many questions.

I tell ya, I think I may be in over my head:  in the next 6 weeks, I've set out (in my mind,at least) to do 2 baby shower quilts, a diaper cake for my cousin's baby shower in Pittsburgh, 2 sets of placemats and table runners, and just last night I saw this super cute tutorial on DIY burp cloths....

So like a lunatic I ordered fabric from Joann's and even though they were on sale, it wasn't cheap and I already don't know how the quilts are going to get done in time.  What a looney-tunes I am!

Big hugs,


Here are the burb cloths

Here are some pics from the Great White North with Bob and Doug McKenzie. Take off eh!