Sewing with Friends

June 16th 2013

Jen Wrote:

Good morning, Nicole  :)

Thanks for such a fun time on Friday...we both had such a great time.  And as expected, all Abby wants to talk about is, you guessed it, Abby!  She told me yesterday that I was no longer her best friend because she likes Big Abby better.  Ah, I've been replaced--that sure was quick!

Well, I was hoping that we could get together today if you were still free, but Cubby turned into a nightmare this am, kicking/ hitting/ punching me and Ingmar so I had to hit her where it hurts...I even gave her one last shot threatening that if she didn't stop her rampage that she couldn't play with Abby today.  She didn't stop, so she doesn't get to see Abby today.  And just like when I take away TV, it really ultimately hurts me just as much!!!  Ugh!!!!

Are you free tomorrow?  I know you must have a lot of studying and things to do before your big trip to Canada, so don't hesitate to say no when you need to!

It'll be great to see you hopefully soon and thanks to you, I'm dreaming and scheming of all things sewing now....little girl dresses, quilts, baby quilts/ blankets for 2 baby gifts I need to get at some point this fall....soooooo many things!

Martha Stewart should hire you for contract work!Sorry about today, but hope to see you soon.

:)Happy Father's Day to Peter


Nicole Responded

Good morning  Jen

No worries we can definitely make the play date some time this week. Tomorrow we are going to Disney with the kids and I work Tuesday, but Wednesday or Thursday works for me. Maybe a morning play date? If you have a measuring tape can u measure little Abby's chest and hip measurements for me and let me know I can get the pattern pieces ready for you:) I'll definitely let my friends know of the craft fair and pass along the message.

Enjoy the beautiful day hope to chat with you soon. Happy Fathers Day to Ingmar  as well :)

PS. I also got my Pittsburgh Jennifer hooked on sewing and knitting;)  I taught her how to knit and she already had a sewing machine like mine but mostly used it for embroidery. Soon we were always sewing for our girls, quilts, knitting etc.


  • Here are a few things I have made with my other great and talented friend Marcela :)*