Cute Bobby Pins

June 16th 2013 memoirs

Jen Wrote:

...are you a bobby pin wearer?  I just made these and if you like any of them, let me know and I'll bring some on Wednesday (is Wed still good for you?). Look past the not-so-great pic quality and rushed display!  (Some of them I have 2-3 of, so let me know if you want a couple of the same color).

If you like these bobby pins, please check out Jen's Etsy store born to wear bows. (

Nicole Responded

Hi Jen

I wear bobby pins everyday:) How much are they? I like the gem ones that look like flowers, the black one is my favorite. Neutral can go with any thing.


Jen Responded:

HA, you're funny!  That's crazy talk, "how much are they"....I mean they're free as in I'll-bring-some-over-to-you-when-I-see-you-next. I think that there might be only one black rhinestone flower one, but I'll check...any other ones? I'll see if there's a black circle bling one,'s pretty small, I forget how many mm offhand, but still pretty and sparkles a bit. Jen

June 17th 2013 Memoirs

Nicole Wrote:

You are so funny I love your emails they brighten my day. You are very sweet I would like to give you something for those cute pins I know how time-consuming crafts are ;) Ya looks like Wednesday is good.  Morning? I like the lady bug pins for Abby they are all very cute. Rhinestone blues and dark colors are my fav:) We are off to Disney have a good day! Nicole

Jen Responded:

You're right, you should give me 10 homemade quilts that took 5000 hours and lots of hard work, and love to make in exchange for a few bobby pins. How does that sound? !!! Don't forget that you're kind enough to not only donate the fabric and materials for Abby's dress but also your expertise. PLUS, would you deny me giving a handful of trinkets to the 1st nice, normal woman I've met since moving here? How could you?!

I'll bring a bunch of different ones on Wednesday am, and you and Abby can take whatever ones you like. Does she like pony tail holders? I can bring some of those, too.

Have fun at Disneyland today and may the heat be bearable and the crowds sparse and not annoying. Abby and I had a yearly pass that just ended a couple of months ago...towards the end, I tried to go a lot to get my money's worth (call me Frugal Fannie), knowing that I wouldn't be renewing now that I'd have to pay for her.

We were going 2x a week for a while (made me homicidal) and now I tell her that Disneyland is closed for massive cleaning and won't be open again until her birthday in September...she asks me at least 10x a week when we can go back, and the cleaning lie is my answer every time. Please nominate me for Mommy of the Year. :)

Have fun today!

Little Abby and Big Abby