Zipper Pouch

June 18th 2013

Jen Wrote:

Hi, Nicole

I thought of you today...the friend I told you about, Jessica, who's also an ER nurse told me today that last week a guy came in for treatment---just after killing his wife.  (!)  Holy cow, you guys sure do see it all, don't you?

Hope your shift was a good one today and just let me know what time tomorrow am works on your end.  We're usually able to leave the house by 8 something and I'll get her back here by her noonish nap time.

Alas, I wasn't able to do my homework and measure Abby.  It turns out all I have are the wooden rulers...see how much of a complete, disastrous novice I am?!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and Abby is just about ready to burst with excitement over playing with Abby again,


Nicole Responded:

Oh wow that is an awful story creepy to have such an unstable personality in the ER ! Yikes! I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well as Abby:) No worries on the measurements we can measure her in the morning. Does 9 am work for you I have a lot of ripe banana's and I'm going to make us banana crumb muffins in the morning,  it will go good with our coffee;)

Work was good went by a little slow but I'm home now everyone is fed and I may sew that zipper pouch up so I will know what I'm doing when you do yours lol

Can't wait for tomorrow


June 19th 2013

Jen Responded:

AH! That came out so adorable, I wanna make 50! I have a feeling I'm going to want a sewing machine....I'm already envisioning making xmas presents, how crazy is that?That pouch is Fantastic...kudos to you!