Sew Frustrated Turns to Sew Pretty!

Ok yesterday was a VERY frustrating sewing morning.  Has anyone out there spent days tweaking a pattern, making a muslin and tweaking some more so that it custom fits? Well I have too and.........Cut my fashion fabric and sewed it up only to see that it looks like complete crap!! I found myself tweaking the fashion fabric like a muslin all over again! What is the use of making a muslin I ask if the results are going to be so different in the fashion fabric????  Here is Exhibit A:

Ok my daughters mirror is spotted. I know it is distracting sorry about that. So see all the wrinkles in the crotch???? Any ideas? My muslin did not have that. Also I am not happy that my seams seem to have puckered on the princess lines ALL 4!!! So I will not be able to do anything about that. Exhibit B:

Again you can see what I am talking about with those princess seams?? I still have to install the invisible zip in the back. Exhibit C:

It feels like the only thing I did right was the waist band fits well, no gaping.  So now what? If anyone has any suggestions on how to correct these problems I would love to hear from you!!

So after completely being frustrated and no idea on what to try next I decided to sew pretty instead!

My daughter wanted me to make this outfit first and this is the fabric she picked! Only problem is I have very little of this fabric so I will have to be happy with one ruffle. I am thinking of using some of the printed pink cotton as a contrast on the ruffle hem.  I have some great dark pink solid knit for the shrug and t-shirt.  I love the thick rick-rack and I am going to place that just before the ruffle.

This skirt has an elastic waist band so it will sew up super quick while I take a sabbatical from my horrid pants!