Sewing Block

I have had a sewing block since I came home! I usually sew a little everyday and haven't ventured upstairs in my sewing room at all! The deal is I can't make any of the clothes I want to right now.  My trip to the north earlier this summer seemed to have magically increased my girth size. My mother is a wonderful cook and she made fantastic food on a daily basis which always was accompanied with a loaf of homemade bread!! Who can resist right?? So I need to be good and lose a few pounds before I start on my clothing projects.

The weather in Northern Ontario Canada was also very cool this year and we had plenty of rain. Rain is a good excuse for staying in the house from dawn to dusk and sew. We got a lot of sewing done!! I made a pair of capris for my mother, a pair of jeans for my best friend Amy and we threw in some quilting in the mix as well!! This was Amy's first glance at how hard core my mother and I are when it comes to sewing.  She thought we were completely insane  we were very fabric obsessed serious sewers :) It was great sewing all day with my mother and best friend. :)

So now that I am back I think I am going to turn my sewing block in to a literal sewing block.......check out these squares I abandoned many, many, many years ago!!

These log cabin squares are made in this fashion to resemble ridges of autumn colors. Half your square is for example red, the other half yellow, than yellow and green, green and brown, brown and yellow etc do you see the ridges in the picture? Fall is around the corner and I think I am going to work on this quilt although I think instead of quilting it I will make it into a duvet cover :)

I also have a few wall hangings and table runners that I bought  for the fall ages ago! I shall put these projects to good use.