Skirt Sloper Completed! Yay!!

Turns out the easy fix for the drag lines (I mentioned this sloper at the end of this post) was just to move over the darts towards the side by 1 inch. This smoothed everything out. Muslin does not stretch well on the cross grain and I was thinking of adding 1/8 inch to the side seams because there seems to be some tightness at the hip causing faint drag lines but my teacher said that fashion fabric usually has more give on the cross grain and it should lay nicely. So I am ready to transfer my custom sloper to tag!! I am so excited!!

So excited in fact that I could not resist a sale at Jo-Annes and bought some summery prints to make some skirts along with some lining.  Now I get to draft an actual custom designed skirt and play with real fabric!!

Here is my sloper on tag nice and sturdy for hopefully many years of drafting/sewing fun :)

So the first thing I did was follow along with my skirt course and I used my sloper base to make a high waisted pencil skirt with a flounce. It is flirty and fun, hopefully still appropriate for my age :/

The first time sewing it up and trying it on I had to shave more off the high waist band, 1/4 inch blending to nothing at the original waist. I also had to shave off 1/8 inch around hips on the side seams. This is what I have so far. ......I am very undecided about the length of the hem??? Please let me know if you think it looks ok at this length or should I lengthen/shorten it??