Stubbornness = Sewing/Altering Practice!

Ok do you guys remember this disaster that I was so pissed off about  upset about?

Damn you Vogue 2948 also known as @($*.  Bless your heart Sandra Betzina who loves this pattern and,...who wouldn't?   They look, cool and hip and according to Sandra very easy. Well it was HELL!!! instead of 4 seams to worry about you have 8 seams to match up!!


It really irritates me when something doesn't work out so I picked up this project again and  had a look at the material and where I must have went wrong. Ok so what I did with each piece of material was run it through the serger first. This was my big mistake because I remember that it puckered the fabric after I did that and it wouldn't  lie flat. I thought it wouldn't matter once I sewed them together but of course from the photo's above it did matter. I even tried snipping into my seam allowance every 1/2 inch or so. No dice.  So I painstakingly took them all apart (THEY WERE SERGED)  I had a massive pile  of  thread and it took me a few hours.

I then had to trim off the serged edges, re press my pieces and I decided to baste them together.  Taking into consideration trimming off my seam allowance I was left with only 1/4 inch seam allowance. My left leg seams kept twisting to the inside??? From what I read that means your fabric is off grain. Im not surprised since I manhandled it and took all 8 seams apart like 5 times in total i ripped out 40 seams. DID I MENTION I AM EXTREMELY STUBBORN.  I knew at this point I was in big trouble, no seam allowances to fiddle with and the fabric is off what? I fiddled with the inseam a bit to straighten it as best I could which brought the other 3 seams on that leg in alignment a bit better.

Here are a few pics of my alterations:

In the end I got rid of the ripples but the pants are overfitted. I don't care I think it was good practice for me and I learned a lot.  I can always wear them around the house lol.