Summer Sewing Projects

There was a sale on patterns!! Here is my stash:

Here are some fabric thoughts:

I was super excited to do the reversible dress, I bought a vintage pattern like this as well, picture is above. But......... I made it, I actually screwed up cutting out the fabric and cut two fronts instead of a front and back! Therefore I had to go buy more of the black and white linen.

The darts in this pattern are very strange, I thought they were kind of deep and ended abruptly which gave the dress "turbo chest" look, BLAH not a good luck!! So I had to rip it apart and redo the darts. Still when it was all said and done I thought this does nothing for me.

Bummer it looked super cute, just not cute on me. The dress really looked like an empire waist which usually suits me very well. But it ties a bit farther down then the effect as shown on the package.

Also it called for light linen as a fabric option .... maybe mine was not lightweight enough the drape is very stiff. I wonder if I used a different fabric? If that would have made a difference?  Although if it didn't look good the first time around then I am  not sure it would look any different with alternative  fabric.

This pattern was cut on the cross grain per the instructions.  Why? Does any one know? That is the first pattern I have ever come across where it was cut on the cross grain.