Taking the Plunge; Making your own Bias Tape

People can arguably be put into 2 categories:  those who create and those who cut corners.  Those who go the extra mile, and those willing to spend more to do less.  I unquestionably belong to the latter camp.  Until now.

Yesterday I made my very own bias tape.  If you've never tried it, you should consider it.  It provides a sense of pride and satisfaction akin to installing your own new kitchen cabinets or at least cleaning out the fridge.

Why limit yourself to the bland offerings of prepackaged 3 yd. bias tape...

...when you, yes YOU, can choose your own colors, patterns, and fabrics and have this:

It's like the difference between buying this...

and making this:

I'm not proud of it, but that can of crap came right out of my cupboard while the pic above is of Nicole's delicious, homemade pasta sauce.  No contest.  Same is true of the lame choices available for bias tape vs. making your own.  Join me and take charge of your binding options, sew sisters and brothers!

So.  I was lucky enough to come across Dana's illuminating tutorial on making bias tape.  True it's perhaps quicker to go out and buy some, but the colors are blah and it's way more expensive than making your own.  (One yard of fabric yielded me, no lie, dozens and dozens of  yards of bias tape --with fabric to spare for other projects).

And ironing a crazy long strip of bias tape was oddly relaxing in the same way that coloring with crayons is.  I put my headphones on and let ABBA's Greatest Hits lead me through miles of glorious bias tape.  Sheer heaven.

It wasn't all pretty, especially when getting to the seams...

...but since it ended up being double fold bias tape, the flaws will never be seen.  Phew.

Here's my new CLover Bias Tape Measure hard at work.

The bias tape came from the cute pink flowered cotton print;  I'm itching to make some pillowcase dresses for my daughter and her cousins.

When I get done with those, I have some knit fabric to also transform into easy pillowcase dresses:

That's right, Fuchsia Knit.  I've got plans for you;  have you met my new friend, Clover 1" Bias Tape Maker???