The Feliz Party dress

My favorite sewing book is Sewing Clothes Kids Love. My favorite people to sew for our my children. If you have children and love to sew you need to buy this book! It is amazing.  It is written by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn.  These authors are designers and owners of Fabenmix and Studio Tantrum. It comes with multiple patterns that are beautifully illustrated in the book. Here are some pins of other peoples completed Feliz.

Here is my fabric for the over dress. I am making the underdress in the kitty cat fabric. I am making a full bustle with multiple left over scraps.


I think I am going to do a step by step tutorial on this dress, the book is very sketchy with the directions I think that is the only con and there aren't very many tutorials on line for a step by step. Wish me luck :) Happy Sewing!