The Joys of Rentals

August 31st 2013

Jen Wrote:

Sorry I couldn't pick up earlier, but thanks for the pool invite....we had a water pipe break in this crappy luxury-my-ass apt this am and an entire wall is water-logged with soft, bubbling plaster!  They've been spending two hours soldering pipes, spilling plaster all over the floors, etc.  Super duper.  I HATE THIS APT!!!!!  They better be done soon or I'm going to scream. That being said, hope you're having a not too hot day...sorry Disney didn't pan out but can you imagine roasting out there in the sun all day?  No bueno.

 Nicole Responded:

Hey Jen I'm so sorry to hear that!! Oh my goodness that sounds horrible.  Do you guys need a hand with anything? Let me know I can help clean up. Do you need a place to stay till they fix things up or things dry out?  I have room here for you and your family. Sounds like you can use one of my fresh whiskey sours:)  if you'd like to stop over this weekend for a cocktail with your hubby and cubby let me know,  I'd love to meet him and chit-chat a bit :) Hope your day goes smoother today.  Give me a call this weekend if you want to come by with Igmar. Love Nicole

Jen Responded:

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner...Ingmar and I were fighting all day about moving/ quitting/ etc.  AND  I stepped on/ got stung by a bee.  Needless to say I am self medicating with a few brewskies....oh, my poor liver lately! Thank you very much, sincerely, but we're ok...big hole in the apt, but AC can be used now, so all's well.  Ingmar thanks you for the invite but graciously declines due to the fact that he's in lock down this weekend updating his resume and starting the posting process for new jobs or else faces divorce.  So, that' s that.  Point 1 goes to Wife since I got him to agree NOT to quit Tuesday as he fantasized about and he acquiesced to not quitting until said resume is updated and at least he's started posting somewhere...San Diego, I hope, since it's closer to my amazing Nicole than Rotten-chester, NY. This email sounds all doom and gloom, but don't worry, it's all fine.  Every so often I need to go ballistic and then he sees common sense and I have some influence for a spell.  The longer he delays putting in notice, the longer we're here.  Too bad I plucked Cubby out of preschool!  I'm hoping we  hang on until the spring, but we'll see. Did Peter have a good bday?  Any fun plans to replace Disney?  Are you gonna tell me about results from tests this week, or what?  So many rapid fire questions! I would LOVE to come (with Cub in tow) for whisky sour fun this weekend, anytime.  :) By the way, I bought jersey knit polka dot fabric for Abby squared to have jammie pants (actually little Abby suggested being twinky twins with Big Abby on this one) puts jammie pants up to #14 on our list of projects.  :) Happy Saturday! love and guacamole, Jen