The problem with 15 year old UFO's


I finished one more row of my quilted squares for my autumn quilt/duvet cover. As I was putting together the pieces I was reflecting on how much I have learned since I first started this quilt. For instance in the beginning I would do one square at a time instead of chain quilting all pieces together through all the steps. I never knew about "squaring up" your pieces as you go along. Well......

Yikes!!!!! It shows.....HELP.... now what?????? My previous squares are all aprox 1/4 inch off because I was not as precise back then with my seam allowance not to mention they are so wonky that it looks like I was drunk sewing lol. Seriously pitiful squares and before I made this new row I never even noticed that too much was wrong with them. Wow!!

They are all suppose to be 8X8 they don't even lie flat!!

These brown and green ones lie flat and are perfectly 8X8

So my feelings when I found out about this initially was "oh shit!! and wow I suck at this", "I can't believe I could F up sewing straight lines", and "I have learned a lot since I started to sew". My next thought was wow maybe I still really suck and in another 15 years I will look back at things I made and cringe as I am now!

Any ideas? Please don't say to rip all the squares out and redo them ahhhhhhhh!, Should I cut the new squares smaller to compensate or try to sew the old ones with 1/8 seam allowance to make them fit the new ones??? The squares that are very wavy and don't lie flat I am willing to rip out and redo I showed you the worst ones I can find.

So thoughts please :)