The Vintage Dress Completed!


I finally finished the retro vintage Tia dress by!! It has an excellent twirl factor especially with the petticoat I made for this dress.

It's flirty and fun.  I love the way it turned out for my first time. I also added horsehair braid to the hem of the skirt for added fullness especially if I wear it without the petticoat this gives it a beautiful drape and finish.


  • by Laura Nash from sew
  • why? Because I love vintage clothes!!

Scooby Snack Rating

  • not more than 2 cocktails girls there are a few tricky, nippy parts.


  •  I choose a bold cotton I found at M and L Fabrics in Anaheim CA 3.99 a yard! (More on that tidbit later)
  • I also needed one yard of fabric for the trim at 4.99 a yard. I always prepare my fabrics first before sewing them. To do this I simply washed and dried them as I normally would any other cotton clothes.
  • 1 yard of iron on interfacing 2.99 yard.
  • 3 yards of netting for the petticoat
  • 1 (1/4 inch) bias white binding for the petticoat.
  • I used cotton thread in matching color, 80/12 needles
  • regular sewing foot and use of a serger for the seams on the skirt portion and petticoat.
  • marking tools (tailors chalk, rulers, pins)
  • cutting tools: snips, scissors and I love to cut out my pattern pieces on a large quilting mat with a rotary cutter using large washers to hold down the pattern and fabric.
  • pressing tools such as seam roll, tailors ham, clapper and of course an iron with steam setting for the cotton.  I also love my silk organza  pressing cloth.
  • 14 inch regular zipper
  • Stay tape for the waist

Stitch length

  • 2.5 most of the time but I love to baste certain pieces to double-check fit than redo with the 2.5 length

Seam Finishes

  • The bodice I just used pinking sheers because it is lined. The skirt is sewn with regular seams pressed open and a 3 stitch overlock on the raw edges for a nicer finish.
  • Hand sewn modified blind hem stitch on the horse hair braid for the bottom of my skirt and the armhole bias finishing as well.

Total length of time to complete project

  • hmm tough one I was following along with the craftsy course to make this outfit and I think it took me 2 weeks  of working on it for average few hours a day during the week so .... 20 + hours

Snafu's Girl?

  • ya the f$#%@*  bodice!!!! I think I needed a larger cup size in-hindsight and could have went down 1 size because I had a lot of ease in the waist.
  • f'@#&*n  fabric. It was 3.99 for a reason I had a hard time truing up the grain on this sucker!! Plus in my frustration I did not pay attention to the directional nature of these birds!! (PSST don't tell anyone but my lining inside is all upside-down) Thank goodness I realized my error before I cut out more pieces for this dress or I would not have had enough fabric
  • sewing the triangular piece to the front bodice was a complete bitch to sew in order to get it nice and straight and completely center. Absolutely no room for error on this part.
  • zip with the facing...not sure why but it was a bit of struggle to get in.

I omitted the sleeves in the  pattern and just made my own bias trim to finish the arm holes. Why, you asked?.....Alrighty you got me on another snafu girl ..... I ran out of fabric :P

The zip for the dress is on the side seam and has a great fly facing so the zip isn't directly against the skin.

My husband helped take the pictures and I thanked him for that ;)


Here are a few pictures of the back profile of this dress.


And a few more on the twirl factor. Little do you know in these pictures I am trying not to fall on my ass. lol