Three Tunes

Writing 101 Day 3

Challenge: Tell us about 3 songs that mean something to you throughout your life.

I am not a musical person by any stretch of the imagination! I can not hold a tune to save my life, and I can't yodel.  This being said I married a man who has some Welch blood and.... well.....I guess that sums it up for you right there! Tom Jones anyone? Sexiest, strongest male voice ever! That is who I married ha ha. As it so happens that along with my husbands talent of singing he also has a talent of songwriting.  His songs are not yet produced but they are some of my favorites by far.  I have three children who can .....yep you guessed it......they can all SING!

I am going to work backwards here and talk about Josh Grigor's song, which of course is one of my favorites! My son is also a songwriter/singer and put together a video for his song. He has written many other songs since producing this and I hope he continues with pursuing his passions and enriching the soul.

A second song that comes to my mind is "Wouldn't it Be Nice" by the beach boys. When my husband and I were dating this was our song.  We were looking forward to being able to get married and this song fit in so perfectly.

Now that leaves me with picking a song from the time in my life where I was just me and no family. That is a tough one, I love many genre's of music. I was obsessed with Michael Jackson when I was a teenager! It is embarrassing to say but true. But the most soothing album I came upon when I was a young woman became my favorite. I would resort back to these melodies to help calm and relax myself through difficult times. It has an ethereal, angelic, and haunting vocation to the scores. This is the album that Titanic music was fashioned from.  Can you guess it?? Watermark album by Enya! I especially like the song "On Your Shore"