Thrift store fleece Creation! Less than 10 bucks!

Ok so I had an idea when I saw all this colorful scrap fleece at the fabric store. It was 3.99 per yard but only scraps so I got all these colors for less than 10 bucks and thought about trying a rag jacket with this. It sewed up very quickly and was fun to put together.

Joseph's coat of many colors! I know, right! I can't help myself I am attracted to bright bold colors like a honey bee is to flowers. Ok so I was very excited about this project till I got to the clipping of the coat.

That is when the magic happens right? It is supposed to turn weird outside seams into something beautiful. Well since fleece does not fray I decided to rag the jacket with very small snips to increase the fluff factor. No didn't work. Do not pass go, do not collect your two hundred dollars yet!!

I thought about how I could manipulate this fabric to get the effect I wanted so I crossed the threshold to my other lover (the kitchen) and grabbed "the magical green scrub pad". I proceeded to scrub, and rough up the seams with this scrub pad, and it indeed worked! Check out the difference in these pics!

At the end this is all the fuzz I collected. Waaayyy better than how much flannel sheds!!

Here are a few more views I just need to go buy some buttons now :)

PS: I have enough fabric left to contribute to another coat. Awesome deal!