Tissue Fitting and No Muslin

Ok I recently came across the names Palmer/Pletsch for easy and faster alterations. I know where have I been hiding under a rock? Did I have my head in the sand?  I love their books!!!! You can find out more about them at Amazon.

Remember this?

So I thought I would take a whirl at this and start on the skirt with this beautiful herringbone linen in steel-blue.

I ended up adding quite a bit of alterations for it to hang straight in center front and center back. Center back was really swayed to the side! What the heck is wrong with my warped body lol

I also added two inches in length so I can have the skirt a bit longer.

Here is some progress in the fashion fabric:

Different lighting is making the color vary from dark to light but trust me it's the same skirt ;) I like the flounce unfortunately this linen is quite stiff and I plan to line this skirt so I decided to just preshrink this by steam iron vs washing it. I think it needs to soften up a bit I will wash it gentle cycle with fabric softener and hope for a bit of a better drape. I also hate how easy it wrinkles I really hope the lining helps with this.

I hope to pick up some lining material today with an invisible zip and have this finished by the end of the week.