Turning Crafts into Profit

I recently started this blog and it has been a learning curve to upkeep a blog and learn how to use word press to its full potential. I joined the "zero to hero" challenge and have learned and improved upon my site so much. I'm still learning:) As part of a challenge I had to look at other blogs and comment on something of interest to me and feature their site on my blog

I am happy to do this and share this site with all you fellow crafters-bloggers. Who wouldn't want to make money doing the things they love most? But as any knitter or sewer will tell you it takes many hours of our precious time to actually complete an article of clothing and to even make minimum wage you would have to charge someone a small fortune for all the time, cost of materials and effort you put into it.

If you are a competent, and confident in your field why not offer lessons in the craft you love the most? Small groups, workshops etc. Check out this blog. Margo Price has a book on this subject that you can find at Amazon. Check out my comment and Margo's reply here.