Underdress Progress with Feliz

Ok I finished the overdress. I made my own bias tape for the hem.

I really like the pinafore it is so fun and whimsical using bright colorful embellishments. I am making a full ruffle-bustle on the back of the dress.

I had the fantastic super interesting and engaging (absolutely tedious and time-consuming) task of cutting up strips of fabric, doing a rolled edge, basting and ruffling all these suckers by hand! I need a ruffle foot!! My serger does not give me full enough ruffles :(  So yay for me prepping all these strips.

I serged the bottom of the back of the dress and started the fun monotonous task of adding rows upon rows of ruffles.

Ok I know you probably wish I didn't sew in the darker row of muted blue with the flowers. After I looked at it, I realized the hue was much too dark to blend well with the other strips. So I ripped it out, chucked it and added a muted blue-green that went very nicely.

Much better huh? Ok the yellow ruffle is my last row. Now comes the absolute enthralling, engaging, riveting part of this whole thing! No sorry just messing with you, we now have yet another dull task of trimming the raw edges of the ruffles and hiding the edges with ribbon so everything is pretty! I used gross grain ribbon, cute cupcakes eh? :)

Once this panel is done I think it will be relatively fast to finish the rest of the dress. I am getting closer to being done. Yay!! I can't wait to see my daughter in this dress! I love, LOVE, LOVE ruffles!! She will never be this age again, sniff, sniff.