Vented Pants

I love this Vogue pattern. 1050

See the cool inner panel??  How rad is that? I started to work on these the last few days. I just have some regular gabardine in black and animal print grey for the pleat. If anyone knows where I can get some pretty silver frog closures for the pants let me know.  I traced off my pattern and did some alterations.

On the front of the pants I cut from the crotch to the hem and spread it about an inch tapering to nothing at the hem to compensate for my "thunder thighs".  I am also meatier around the hips so I added extra ease as well as 1" fit insurance.


I love love love the Palmer & Pletsch way to alter. I pinned my front and back piece together and tried them on with my elastic at the waist. I have to also compensate for my "belly and butt" by adding more to the front and back waist section tapering to nothing at the side seams.

After trying it on again I was very satisfied with the fit of the tissue paper. I then cut out my fashion fabric and pin fitted that as well.

After trying these on (and playing Chinese torture with the pins I thought "screw that bullshit") I decided to baste them with my machine. I have a basting length of 20mm and it worked out perfect, functioning just like the pins..... minus the torture..... and much, much faster. Win, win for me!!

I know they look like bat pants! I'm going base jumping later with these bad girls... lol I have an extra 1" fit insurance on the side seams. Hence my winged pants.

I made a few alterations. Chalked my seam lines, removed the fit insurance and now I have to work on the inner panels(pleats) of the pants.

More to come....

What method do you use to alter your patterns? Has anyone tried the Pletsch/Palmer method?  Besides using yourself as a pincushion is there any drawbacks to this seems almost foolproof and you don't need to make muslins!