Vintage Blouse Complete

Finally my journey is done! I think it turned out pretty cute considering I am new at the whole pattern making process. I used some black chalk to mark my center front and I tried to take a damp cloth to wipe these lines away for the pictures but they are still there a bit. Into the wash she goes on delicate cycle after these pics!


I do like the white trim I think it pops against the grey and brings more interest to the design.

I must have redone the shoulders 4 times I keep getting "peaked shoulders", "pointy shoulders" ???? WHY?? Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong? Please share!!

So now my next journey is skirts! Something I rarely wear or make but thought it might be nice to bring more of this into my wardrobe.  I am taking Suzy Furrer course on the skirt sloper right now and made my first mock-up muslin sloper. It is very close but you see I have the belly problem that causes drag lines in this area. I am awaiting a response from Suzy on what changes I should do next? I did a lot of reading in the comment section of the course and reviewing other people's sloper with similar problems and it seems she says the same thing to this common problem.  I think I need to move my darts over by 1 inch to the side, maybe even reduce them a bit. If that does not smooth them out then I may need to get rid of the darts altogether or slash from base to waist and add a bit of fabric to the muslin to give more room for my spare tire ;) I think the back is pretty good and I think the side seams are in the right place?

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Have a great weekend everyone!