Vintage "Drab" to "Fab"?

Ok this is going painstakingly slow!! I am so obsessed with sewing and taking courses right now I haven't played in my kitchen in the past months!  No new scooby snackin' recipes for my family or my website! My husband asks me if I forgot how to cook! They are sick of Kraft Dinner and pizza! They are beckoning me away from my PRECIOUS (AKA sewing machine) Just kidding I am not neglecting them that much ;)

The more detailed courses I take the slower my progress is to actually make stuff and be able to blog about it. Oh well I figure if I hunker down and get good at this drafting and have the know how to apply it to making patterns I will have easier and more successful sewing projects in the future. This is what I keep telling myself while I pull my hair out!

So this is what I did so far. Parts of these are sewed up for real (shoulders and side seams and darts) The rest is basted so I could see if the neckline is going to work. I don't really know what to do with this and I am winging it since I haven't taken the course on how to construct neck finishes etc. I know I know you are probably asking yourself why don't you take that course first then try something like this later? One word: IMPATIENT. I am so impatient; totally my bad.

This is what I did. I took my sloper pattern and traced off some facings. Easy enough! The collar I just used the same as the pattern because I was pretty certain I had the same slope as the original patterns neckline.

First off what is the first thing that strikes you when looking at this?? (besides the fact that the collar is no where close to meeting at center front lol) BORING, BORING, BORING!!! Here are more boring photos of this blouse.

I hated it! I loved the fabric, it is so soft to the hand, has a beautiful drape and delicate material .....also a bit of a bitch to work with compared to regular cotton. I also decided that grey does nothing for me! I was so disappointed! The fit is pretty darn good considering I don't know what the hell I am doing but just DRAB, DRAB, DRAB. I wanted so badly for it to be FAB, FAB, FAB!

After looking at the material more closely I got a eureka moment and decided to take apart the basting and redo the edges with white piping to pick up on the white dots in this gray chambray! I also plan to change the ties to white ties and use bias white binding around the sleeves and peplum.

Here it is rebasted with some of the changes. I think it is much better don't you? I think it is much prettier this way and now I will sew if for real including these changes.

Next post I make should be the final chapter in this vintage pain in the ass project ,  vintage making me crazy project, vintage challenging project ;)