Vogue 1050 complete

I had very high hopes for these pants but my end result was far from good. I will share my failures with you because I need to bitch to someone about my plight  I think we all learn something everytime we pull a chair up to our sewing machine.


  • I hate the fabric I chose, it is a cheap polyester and I thought the drape would be nice and the fact that they shouldn't wrinkle very much.  In the end the sheen it has screams cheap :(  The drape is quite stiff and does not hold any sort of crease, which of course is uber important for the large pleat at the side seam.
  • The invisible zipper was a bitch to put in for some reason.  I don't usually have such hardships with zippers but its obvious a weakness for me and I need to practice. There is a slight bubble or weirdness to the back center where the zipper is.....maybe I will wear a long coat with these pants lol
  • The waist band turned out a little wonky and in hindsight I should have had the zip go all the way up to the top of the waist band.  I have a hook and eye closure at the top, but this left a gap that is pretty unsightly.
  • The fabric does not hold a crease well, and the large pleats on the side seam doesn't fall as nicely as I would have hoped.


  • I do love this pattern. I think now that I have made a sloper for myself (another post about that soon) I will use these design features and try these pants again with appropriate fabric.
  • hmmmm that's all I got I loved wasting 15-20 hours on these pair of "what the heck are you wearing" pair of pants it was good experience and practice.....lol

I finally bought the frog closures. It was hard to find a color I felt would go with the grey and black. I was trying to find a silver or grey of some sort. There aren't many choices at my local craft store so I just got black. Let me just say I hate hand sewing and applying all these frogs by hand was time consuming and tedious!

Again I tried to hem these as long as possible.

If I am brave enough to wear these in public I think this pattern and fabric will look really cute with these pants. The peplum top will cover the waistband. This was another craftsy steal at $12.94 for the material and pattern! I was going to get the link for you guys but it seems they have sold out of this kit.