VW Bug and trip up the coast

July 29th, 2013

Jen Wrote:

Did you end up choosing little trip with Peter? Hope so!
Thanks for an Awesome time yesterday and I'm so glad you're home!
July 30th, 2013
Nicole Wrote:
Hey Jen No I haven't left yet I was at VW dealership all day yesterday and bought a denim blue bug convertible!! Peter and I went out for drinks yesterday was a lot of fun. I went to see a movie late last night so didn't go to bed till 3 am or so lol So not sure if I will leave today or tomorrow :)
Jen Responded:
You are livin' large, I love it!  And a cute bug convertible?  Amazing!!  I can't wait to see it--and see you toodle-in' around town in it! Your last 24 hrs sounds AWESOME and I know your little getaway with Peter will be, too....where did you decide on? You were soooo right about tension being everything...my machine is now like a totally different beast, thank goodness...it makes sewing so much easier, thanks for showing me all the tension tricks.  :)  Question, oh wise Sewing Teacher:  now that it's time for me to sew the rows together, how exactly do I tackle where the seams meet at the end of a block?  I'm worried that the now double amount of flannel at those points will jam the machine, no? Hope you're not reading this because you're out joy riding in your new wheels....  :) love, Jen
To answer Jen's question I have a few tricks to help with the seams that meet up with cross-secting seams.  By this I mean instead of sewing your blocks together to make rows you then have to sew the rows together to make the blanket and the corner points of each block will be double thickness.  I always make sure I have a large enough needle in my machine, adjust your tension for the extra thickness of the fabric.  I pin my intersecting points right in the seam allowance where my new seam is going to be made. This way the fabric can't shift and you should have perfect corner points.