Zoolander Crazy Antics

Jennifer and I met for a quick sandwich and a craft beer at "The Board and Brew" and our girls were so excited to see one another they had the case of the super sillies and were "striking  poses" in the hallway which reminded me of the movie Zoolander.



The funniest thing after this memorable, laugh  at your silly kids event was the email that Jen sent me that night!

January 23rd 2014

Jen Wrote:

Thanks for such a fun dinner!

Cubby just now went to bed, though far from sleeping. ..she had a case of the wound up monkeys and for the life of me, I couldn't get her to settle down. Finally I had to pull out threats and she now lost playground and play time tomorrow ; I'm sad and sorry we can't come over tomorrow, but I have to follow through on my threats.

The next morning Jen had this to say:

I can't believe that little bugger went to bed past 10 and like clockwork was still up at 6...ay yi yi.  If it's one thing I don't like to mess around with, it's her bedtime.  What a little bugger.  I told her that if she ever wants to see Big Abby for dinner again, she better get it together.  She told me she can't help herself.  Those were her exact words.  That little stinker went to bed almost 3 hours past her bedtime, and she says that to me! Thanks for SUCH a fun, awesome time last night...maybe we, too, can become the Zoolander freaks like our daughters one day... Strike a pose, Jen